Pemberley’s Renaissance

Having seriously believed that she was destined to become a spinster, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself married to one of the most eligible bachelors in Derbyshire. She now faces the daunting task of assuming her place within the vast and prestigious family estate of Pemberley. A few ill-disposed individuals would delight to see her fail so there is little room for error as she learns to lead her new household.

Darcy is at her side, of course, but he cannot shelter her entirely as gossiping tongues follow her every move. She must navigate the isolation she feels as a stranger in this new setting and learn how to honour her new responsibilities while the lingering presence of her late mother-in-law, Lady Anne, to whom she is always compared, hangs over her.

Thankfully, Elizabeth is resourceful. One day, she will triumph over even her harshest critics and prove herself worthy as mistress of Pemberley.

About me

Hello! I’m Lise. I was born and bred in France, I now live in Canada, and I have two passions: History and stories…

In 2008, I started to write (in French) a small Pride & Prejudice fanfiction. But even with readers waiting and asking for the next chapters, I progressively lost my motivation and never finished it, always saying to myself: « I’ll finish it one day »…

10 years later, things had changed a lot! I had become a published author, had written 5 books, and was now ready to come back to that old story of mine. I rewrote it entirely and added a lot of research in order to make my novel as historically accurate and respectful of Jane Austen’s work as possible.

The French version was published in 2019. Then, I selected a translator and two editors to translate it properly (it was essential to me that they all speak and write British English as I wanted to stay as « austenesque » as possible) and Pemberley’s Renaissance was finally released in 2020.

I am now writing other books, not yet knowing which one will be translated in English in the future. I am also blogging about the everyday life during the 19th century, which is the period I love and where all my novels take place.