“Pemberley’s Renaissance” : the first chapter!

Self publishing

In 2008, I started to write (in French) a small Pride & Prejudice fanfiction. It was called La renaissance de Pemberley. But even with readers waiting and asking for the next chapters, I progressively lost my motivation and never finished it, always saying to myself: “I’ll finish it one day”. 10 years later, things had […]


Book cover reveal: “Pemberley’s Renaissance”

Self publishing

As I announced previously, I’ll release very soon my own Pride and Prejudice continuation, translated from French (I’d love to be able to write a book directly in english one day, but… no… it won’t happen! 😉 I’ll continue to write in my native language and hire someone to properly translate in english). So, let […]


SURVEY – Help me choose a book cover for my P&P sequel!

Self publishing

Welcome and thanks for joining me in this adventure! The translation of my last novel is about to get released pretty soon (in June, 2020!). It is a sequel of our beloved Pride and Prejudice, originally written and published in french, and translated by a british professional translator. The story starts again right after the […]